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Caroline Pang, Founder Of Indie Travellers

Caroline is a travel and conservation photographer based in Singapore. She is the founder of Indie Travellers and the lead photographer. 

Her interest in photography started in the 90s during the early part of her career in tourism and hospitality management. She was actively involved in developing nature-based tourism in the Southeast Asia region and promoting them worldwide. These experiences ignited her interest in environmentalism which led her into a career switch to conservation with an international Non Governmental Organisation, advocating for sustainable use of wetlands. 

Thereafter, she sets off on her own to continue her photography interest in travel and nature conservation projects. In her work, she aims to convey the values of this subject of interest to viewers around the world, to acknowledge the existence and the need to preserve such values.

Her commercial and editorial work has been published in worldwide media outlets. She is also a contributing photographer for Getty Images and several international newswires.

In 2007, Caroline founded Indie Travellers. It started as a marketing portal, representing community-based ecotourism businesses and organisations in Asia to reach out to the global audience. She has played a part in conceptualising these projects. 

With her knowledge in tourism marketing and conservation, she has worked with non-governmental organisations and local communities to set up ethical tourism businesses. The objective is to provide alternative revenue to the local people through sustainable tourism activities, to encourage the conservation of natural areas, habitats and wildlife which tourism relies on. 

Today, some of the projects are self-sustainable which is a success story and positive outcome for community-based projects. Indie Travellers continue to support them by engaging their services for logistic, accommodation and local guide for our photography workshops and collaboration in some expeditions for a cause.

Caroline's work is published in the magazine of Singapore International Foundation. View online.

The article is also available on the e-magazine, Page 35, which is on this link.

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